Foot and ankle issues might make it difficult for you to move around because they hurt, irritate, or are uncomfortable. While some foot conditions are merely aesthetic and have minor symptoms, some can make it hard to lead an active, healthy lifestyle. If left untreated, foot and ankle problems can worsen over time, so it’s crucial to give importance to them. While some issues can be handled at home or with over-the-counter medications, others necessitate the attention of a healthcare professional. Whenever it is convenient for you, Doral Health & Wellness makes it simple to arrange an appointment with the Podiatrist in Brownsville. Consult a Diabetic Foot Doctor if you have diabetes and foot issues. 



Your first toe may have a bunion if it has a lump on the side. Walking may be unpleasant if your big toe is bent inward toward your other toes. On your first toe and second toe, it could result in inflammation and irritation. 

 Your genetic foot structure may cause bunions, which can be made worse by wearing tight or uncomfortable shoes or standing for extended periods of time. Bunions may be easily treated with the right shoes and over-the-counter painkillers, or you may require the guidance and care of your doctor. 


Plantar fasciitis 

Your heel or the sole of your central foot may hurt if you have plantar fasciitis. This occurs when this ligament is strained as a result of wearing soft-soled shoes with inadequate arch support, standing a lot, jogging far distances, gaining weight, or other foot issues. 

Discomfort can differ from subtle to intense, and it can intensify over time. Once your feet are on rest for a while, you could feel increased discomfort. The problem can be treated at home with the use of ice, anti-inflammatory drugs, and frequent foot stretching. Your doctor might recommend steroid injections, physiotherapy, custom insoles, or surgery to reduce your discomfort. 


Athlete’s foot 

Its symptoms include burning, stinging, and itching in the feet and toes. This infectious ailment manifests once you come into touch with fungus, typically in moist settings like swimming pools, public showers, and locker rooms. Additionally, you can develop toenail brittleness, foot blisters, and chapped, dry, and rough skin on your feet. 

Treatment for the illness might occasionally be challenging. Starting with an OTC product is a good idea. If your athlete’s foot is severe, you could require a prescription from your doctor. 


An Ingrown Toenail 

These are toenails that penetrate the skin around them. These can happen if you have toes that are injured, crushed, or have nails that are curled or improperly clipped. Genetics might also be important. 

Skin around the nail might become tender and uncomfortable in mild forms of ingrown toenails. Warm soaks, analgesics, and topical antibiotics can be used to treat these patients at first at home. 

More serious ingrown toenails might not even resolve on their own or may contract an infection that causes inflammation, bleeding, pus, and discomfort. These should be addressed by a doctor, who might even suggest having the ingrown toenail surgically removed. 



Blisters are raised fluid collections on your feet. Wearing uncomfortable shoes, having sweaty feet, or standing or walking for extended periods of time can all contribute to this unpleasant condition. 

Blisters are typically not dangerous and can be managed at home. Applying a bandage to the blister for comfort will help you feel better while attempting to allow the blister to heal on its own. When it’s necessary, carefully clear the blister yourself using sterilized tools. If you decide to remove a blister, be sure to bandage it and apply antibiotic cream to it while it heals. 


The Podiatrist at Doral Health & Wellness is qualified and experienced to make an accurate diagnosis of issues involving the feet and legs. The foot’s muscles and bones are also affected.  Foot Pain Doctor in Brooklyn is available to help you right now. Podiatrists are experts in identifying and treating foot and ankle ailments, the most common of which are fractures and sprains. In Brooklyn, New York 11212, at 1797 Pitkin Avenue, is where you can find Doral Health & Wellness. Call 1-347-384-5690 or visit to get in touch with our office. 

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