Heel pain is a common problem, and in most cases, it will go away if you follow a few simple self-care steps. If the pain lasts more than three weeks, you should see a podiatrist for help. There are many types of heel pain, each with its own cause and treatment. 

If you have heel pain, some simple things you can do for yourself include: 

The examples of heel and ankle injuries are the following: 

The medicine and ultrasound can help for a short time, but in the long run, a shoe insert may be needed. It will also help if you pay attention to what’s rubbing and use the right padding and strapping. 

Most people can make their shoes more comfortable, but a leather heel counter and wearing boots may help. Surgery may be needed in more serious cases that happen over and over again. 

Special shoe inserts can lessen the pressure on the nerve and may be right for certain types of feet. In some cases, injections of medication into the area where the tibial nerve is inflamed may be needed. 

This is a short-term, self-limiting condition that can be painful at the time. Rest and proper stretches may help. 

How can I stop the pain? 

Control your Feet  

Conducting routine foot examinations is the first step toward early detection. By checking your feet on a regular basis, it becomes much easier to notice any changes. These changes can be life-threatening for people with diabetes. 

Move your Feet frequently 

Exercises that involve your feet can range from foot and toe exercises to full-body workouts and are a top priority to improve blood flow. While you are at home, household items such as towels or cans can be used to assist with stretches or weights. 

Maintain clean feet  

While you may not leave the house daily for work or school, you should still wash your feet daily. If you walk barefoot, you will pick up any dust or dirt on your floors. If you wear flip-flops outside, you risk getting some dirt under your feet. Your feet may sweat while you are resting. Every day, wash and dry your feet to prevent moisture buildup between your toes. This environment is ideal for fungus. 

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