It is not uncommon to have one or more overlapping toes. It might run in the family. This could be the result of a foot condition or a pair of shoes that are too small for your foot. One of the most prevalent symptoms is an overlapping pinky toe. Both the great toe and the second toe are potential targets. Even infants aren’t immune to its effects. A Podiatrist in Brownsville can do an assessment and evaluation, but only a Foot Pain Doctor can provide treatment to alleviate pain. 


When do toes start to overlap and why does it happen?  

An underlying foot disease, overly tight shoes, or genetics can all contribute to the development of one or more overlapping toes. Instances of toes overlapping are typically brought on by: 


How to tell if your toes are overlapping? 

A foot and ankle surgeon will perform a thorough physical examination to make the diagnosis of overlapping toes. It can also be referred from a primary physician. It’s likely that the specialist uses diagnostic imaging equipment to examine the foot’s skeleton and other structural components.  X-rays and MRIs are typically used by medical professionals to examine the foot’s skeletal structure as well as the ligaments’ position and structure. By combining the results of various diagnostic procedures, doctors can more precisely identify health issues and get ready to treat patients. Because of the variability in human anatomy, diagnostics help surgeons prepare for any potential complications. 


What are the conservative methods of treatment? 

To begin alleviating foot pain, put on a pair of shoes that has a large toe box. Looking for the appropriate size and fit can be difficult, so it’s best to visit a shoe store where a qualified fitter is available to assist you. You can also consult a foot doctor for advice on what works and what doesn’t in terms of footwear. 

You might try utilizing shoe inserts to realign your foot and toes and bunion pads to alleviate strain if a bunion is causing your big toe to overlap. 

These are widely available at pharmacies and internet stores, and some podiatrists will even make the order. You might have to try out a few different separators before you discover one that works for you, as they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. 

If your overlapping toe is sore or if a bunion is present, icing your toe or foot may help ease discomfort and inflammation. 

If you have an overlapping toe, your doctor may suggest sleeping with a splint to help realign the bones. It’s possible that your doctor will suggest that you get an orthotic insert for your shoes. 

When tight muscles and tendons are a factor in toe overlapping, this may be extremely useful. A physical therapist can help you straighten your toe, build up the muscles in your foot, and lessen your discomfort with a regimen of at-home exercises. 

People who are overweight often have pain in their feet. 


What are the surgical procedures? 

If non-invasive treatment options fail to alleviate your discomfort or straighten your toes, surgery may be suggested. In some cases, surgical intervention may be necessary to fix a big toe deformed by a bunion and a pinky toe that is badly overlapping it. 


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