Inner heel discomfort is caused by a compression of a nerve branch, which can occur when a nerve is forced against a bone, ligament, or other connective tissue. Medial longitudinal arch entrapment can affect sole feeling. It is also known as Jogger’s Foot. Doral Health & Wellness provides round-the-clock Podiatrist Brownsville access. Podiatrists are medical and surgical specialists that treat problems with the lower extremities, including the feet and ankles. They assess patients, make diagnoses, and execute surgeries on those suffering from lower limb injuries. 


When does one contract Jogger’s Foot? 

Jogger’s foot is common among runners who regularly engage in long-distance running training and competition, including those who compete in marathons, ultramarathons, and Iron Man competitions. As the horizontal arch of the foot protects the runner from shock, an athlete with foot problems is rather likely to get this injury. An uncommon manifestation of this has been observed in ballet dancers. 


What are the typical Symptoms & Signs of this injury? 


What causes this injury? 

The surrounding connective tissue that resembles ligaments has the potential to compress the middle nerve at the sole of the foot, which is found in the foot’s arch and the ankle. 


What are the possible dangers? 


What are the potential problems? 


What are the safety precautions? 

Keep up with regular conditioning: 


The Podiatrist at Doral Health & Wellness is an expert in diagnosing and treating foot and ankle disorders like Medial Plantar Nerve Neuropraxia and Jogger’s Foot. Muscular and skeletal issues affecting the feet are included. Visit the Foot Pain Doctor in Brooklyn immediately.  Podiatrists in Brownsville treat patients with a wide range of foot and ankle injuries, from sprains to broken bones. Doral Health & Wellness is located in Brooklyn, New York 11212 at 1797 Pitkin Avenue. Please call our office at 1-347-384-5690 or visit our website at to make an appointment. 

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