If a vital nerve that travels from your ankle to your foot is compressed, you will experience tarsal tunnel syndrome. Injuries to the ankle, excessive stress on the feet, or the presence of underlying conditions like arthritis or diabetes can all lead to the onset of tarsal tunnel syndrome and it can be alleviated with a variety of activities designed to strengthen the ankle and improve circulation. Doral Health & Wellness makes it simple to schedule an appointment with the Podiatrist in Brownsville whenever it is convenient for you. Podiatrists are medical doctors and surgeons who specialize in treating conditions affecting the lower extremities. In terms of the lower limbs, they do assessments, injury care, and surgical procedures. If you have diabetes and are having foot problems, see a specialist at the Diabetic Foot Doctor. 

Avoid aggravating the condition that causes tarsal tunnel syndrome by treating your ankle gently during physical activity. Tread lightly at first, then gradually increase the intensity of your tarsal tunnel workouts as you feel better. 


Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Exercises 

 A good warm-up before exercise will lessen the risk of compression on the nerve and prevent harm to the area around it. Starting a strengthening program to assist stabilize the lower leg muscles and prevent leg and ankle injuries is beneficial. Reduced stress on the tendons while at rest is another benefit of having a flexible lower leg and muscles. The risk of injury decreases as your muscular flexibility increases. Tarsal tunnel syndrome can be helped by a variety of targeted exercises, some of which are as follows: 


The Podiatrist at Doral Health & Wellness is well-equipped to make precise diagnoses of conditions affecting the feet and ankles, such as tarsal tunnel syndrome. Muscle and bone issues in the foot are also included.  Foot Pain Doctor in Brooklyn is here to assist you right now. Podiatrists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of foot and ankle injuries, the most frequent of which are sprains and fractures. Doral Health & Wellness is located at 1797 Pitkin Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. Contact our office by calling 1-347-384-5690 or visiting http://www.podiatristsbrooklyn.com/. 


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