Areas of thickened, hardened skin are called calluses and corns. Although they can appear anywhere on your body, they frequently do so on your feet. 


Small, rounded circles of thick skin are called corns. The tops, sides, or soles of your feet or toes are where corns are most likely to form. They happen most frequently on bony, unpadded feet. 


Calluses are rough, hard skin growths. They usually show up on the ball or the heel of your foot. They may also appear on your hands, knuckles, or other parts of your body. 


Typically, calluses are larger than corns and have a yellowish tint. They don’t have sharp edges. They might not be as touch sensitive as the rest of your feet. 


Although calluses and corns are often painless, they can occasionally become uncomfortable with time. If they get infected, they may also be hurt. 





Typical signs include: 





Many of the causes of corns and calluses are similar. These consist of: 





The diagnosis of corns and calluses is simple. No exams are necessary. Usually, all that is required is a quick visual inspection of the skin. Your doctor might inquire about your occupation, the amount of standing and walking you do, and the activities you engage in. Your doctor may ask you to walk if you have a corn or callus on your foot in order to assess your posture and walking style, inquire about your shoes, and learn more about how you take care of your feet. 





Both corns and calluses can be treated the same way. It entails refraining from the recurrent behaviors that give rise to them. Protective padding and wearing shoes that fit well can also be helpful. 


Medical procedures can relieve pain if a corn or callus continues or worsens despite your self-care efforts: 


If you have injured your lower leg, you should visit the Doral Health and Wellness Multi-Specialty Clinic as soon as possible. In order to diagnose conditions that affect the foot and lower leg, diagnostic procedures such as X-rays and other laboratory tests may be performed. You can get in touch with us at this number: 347-955-3463. 







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