How to Prevent Peroneal Tendonitis


Peroneal Tendonitis is the overuse of the foot in a particular position and it can worsen the condition. For example, running has been linked to peroneal tendonitis, and running on a surface with a slope has been linked to elevated tendon tension, inflammation, and tendinitis. Peroneal tendonitis may also be caused or exacerbated by the […]

Foot Health


Keep Your Feet Healthy   Follow these simple guidelines to keep your feet in tip-top shape:  Using soap and warm water, wash your feet every day. Use a pumice stone to remove dry, flaky skin from your heels and soles while your feet are still moist, and use the stone to smooth calluses on your toes. […]

High Arch Foot


An arched foot is called a cavus foot, and it is characterized by an abnormally high arch. Walking or standing with a high-arched foot puts too much weight on the ball and heel of the foot. The symptoms of a cavus foot include pain and instability in the lower leg. It can occur in one […]